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Mentor A Boy Child Story

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Our drive is to ultimately create an environment where men from all walks of life are playing their rightful and constructive role in society.

Who is Mentor a Boy Child?

Mentor A Boy Child is a non-profit organisation that seeks to inspire young men and provides them with mentorship programmes and workshops. MABC provides access, guidance and support through structured platforms, activities and tools; that deliver effective and fit-for-purpose role modelling, life-skills development & mentorship.

To create a world in which young men [middle adolescence boys: 14 18yrs] are making better life decisions for ‘healthy masculinity’ (for the purpose of being better men for society)


Mentor a Boy Child is registered as a Section 21 Company (registration number no. 236 720 NPC) and as a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) Section 18A registration no. 930062979

What is ‘Healthy Masculinity’?

(in the Mentor-A-Boy-Child Way)


(conscientious, disciplined & accountable)

Continuously empower themselves

(always seek to be better – they are consciously lacking a collective positive contribution in society incompetent)

Inspired to lead in society

(committed to seek a better life for themselves and for others)

Seek to positively change the world we live in

(they do not divorce themselves from challenging societal ills)


(they want to succeed in their chosen fields)

Who is the brotherhood?

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To create a world in which young men [middle adolescence boys: 14 18yrs] are making better life decisions for ‘healthy masculinity’ (for the purpose of being better men for society)

Partner With Us!

We are a partner-driven organisation and we believe that together we have a better chance to reach more young men. Our Partners are not only our funders; they help us recruit their employees who help us as mentors and volunteers.
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Contact us to find out how to become a partner

Our Mentorship Philosophy

Our boys need us. MABC puts the need of our boys first
At Mentor a Boy Child

We identify Mentee’s goals; We encourage planning before mentoring sessions; We evaluate students understanding, talents and build there on; We develop a relationship founded on mutual respect; We give Mentees ownership of their work and promote responsibility; Mentors share their own experiences with Mentees; We create an environment where Mentees are free to interact; Create a safe environment in which Mentees feel that it is acceptable to fail and learn from their mistakes; We encourage growth through challenges; We aspire to help our Mentees develop certain professional and social skills, recognise opportunities, ask questions and communicate effectively.

Our Founders

Born out of a concern about the issues facing young men and their surrounding ecosystem Mentor a Boy Child was co-founded in 2017. MABC exists to provide good role models to as many boys and young men in disadvantaged communities by eliminating gaps in their opportunities and outcomes. MABC brings together the leaders in communities who can give back and help grow responsible and principled men. We believe that one of the biggest deterrents of mental progress is the lack of exposure to life option and access to mentorship and guidance that can inspire our young boys to become better MEN. This organisation was founded by two people (Ms Mpho Masondo and Mr Sydney Nhlanhla Mbhele), who collided through life’s fate, and happened to share a passion for changing the perceptions and perspectives of men in the long term in our society.
Our Mission
  • To provide access, guidance and support for ‘healthy masculinity’ through structured platforms, activities and tools; that deliver effective and fit-for-purpose role modelling, life-skills development & mentorship
  • To be a lighthouse for boychildren to be inspired & empowered, to take ownership of/to own their development and future
  • To encourage young men to lead [appropriately] in society
Our Themes
  • Character focussed traits
  • Social & life enablers
  • Career guidance & entrepreneurship
  • Leadership
  • Wellness
  • Financial literacy

Connecting Mentors and Mentees

Are you looking to be a Mentor or be Mentored?

Get guided in Life Skills. Get guided in Social Skills. Get guided in Relations. Get Guided in Studies.

MABC we believe that to get somewhere in life, study, relationships or anything else, it’s important to get guidance from a mentor. But finding the right mentor is difficult. MABC connects Mentors and Mentees by bringing them to your community.
Quickly register your interest in becoming a mentor or mentee using the form below.
After filling in the simple form – we’ll be in touch with the next steps for you to do.

Ethical Conduct for Mentors
and Mentees

Code of Conduct for Mentoring

Our Code of Ethics and Conduct outlines values, standards and fundamental principles within which our mentors and mentees should adhere.

Meet Our Team

Our team is passionate about healthy masculinity for boys and young men and wants to make a difference through mentoring.
Board of Directors
Sydney Nhlanhla Mbhele
Co-Founder and Chairperson of MABC Advisory Board
Sydney Mbhele
Mpho Masondo
Co-Founder and Member of the MABC Advisory Board.
Mpho Masondo
Gugu Nkabinde
Mentor A Boy Child Advisory Board Member
Andile Khumalo
Mentor A Boy Child Advisory Board Member
Andile Kumalo

A builder of brands and markets, and passionate about youth development.

A wife and a mother, who is passionate about the development of the African continent.

A brand strategist and founder of Gugu Intimates

CEO of The Brodkast Group

Candice Janks
Mentor A Boy Child Advisory Board Member
Candice Janks
Chris Botha
Mentor A Boy Child Advisory Board Member
Chris Botha 1
Monwabisi Thethe
Mentor A Boy Child Advisory Board Member
Monwabisi Thethe
Gavin Weale
Mentor A Boy Child Advisory Board Member
Gavin Weale Portrait

Candice Janks is a Counselling Psychologist in Private Practice. She has a special interest in working with adolescents and views this as a crucial time in one’s development. She believes that there is a need to better understand our youth and offer them the support and guidance they require to empower them to live fulfilling and meaningful lives.

Chris Botha is a media and communications expert who is passionate about building and developing the potential of the youth of South Africa.

Bisi is a serial entrepreneur and has business interests in advertising, media, restaurants, events, publishing and transport. His most well-known brainchild is Blaque Magazine which has been in print for ten years. Bisi has established himself as an authority in the media industry and, addition to running several businesses, consults for various brands as a Brand Marketing Specialist.

The world needs better men. And as men we have to try and constantly improve ourselves and hope we have good role models to inspire us. But good role models don’t always exist in the places that need them the most. That’s why Mentor a Boy Child is so important, and why I am proud to be part of it.

Our Team

Ditiro Madiseng
Programme Manager

Passionate about transformation and growth, Ditiro helps the organisation to deliver mentorship programmes to our communities and schools.


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